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How does the teeth whitening work?

BodyBrite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening System consists of (3) three, 15 minute sessions that will all be completed during one visit. In about an hour, you will see beautiful whitening results.

The whitening gel is applied to the teeth and an LED accelerator light is positioned directly in front of the teeth. After 15 minutes, the customer rinses their mouth and the entire procedure is repeated up to two more times for a total of up to three applications or treatments.

And if you have sensitive teeth, our Pre-Loaded Teeth Whitening System will also give you amazing results without the sensitivity with one, 25-minute session.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair Removal, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a safe and permanent means of removing unwanted hair on almost any body location. It is more effective and significantly less painful than traditional laser hair removal procedures, and much gentler on skin. IPL is the best all-around option for permanently removing unwanted hair.

When will I start seeing results from IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair treatment starts working immediately, with noticeable results after your first few visits. Depending on your hair type, how much hair you have, and the size of the area, subsequent visits will be required.

Is IPL Painful?

No permanent hair removal solution is completely pain free, but IPL Hair removal is significantly less painful than traditional laser hair removal. Better yet, IPL Hair removal is less damaging to the skin, and the wide range of skin care products and treatments offered by BodyBrite make for quick healing after IPL treatment.

Why should I get IPL Hair removal instead of waxing?

Waxing is a great alternative to IPL hair removal for small touch ups, but if you are constantly using waxing for hair removal, why not remove the hair permanently? IPL hair removal is quick and relatively pain free, and after a few treatments you will never have to come back for more!

What is an oxygen facial?

An oxygen facial combines a custom selected hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid and pure oxygen, the oxygen assists to infuse the serum into the skin. The procedure is painless and relaxing, with immediate visual results in your skin.

Why should I combine an oxygen facial with microdermabrasion?

Oxygen facials work by infusing serum and oxygen with the skin. Any dead or damaged skin can inhibit this process, so performing microdermabrasion first can increase the effectiveness of the oxygen facial treatment. By exposing fresh, healthy skin, and starting it off right with an oxygen facial, you will see immediate and lasting results for you skin.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skincare products while making the skin look and feel smoother and also reducing the appearance of acne scars. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).

What is the Smooth & Glow membership?

The Smooth & Glow membership gives you complete freedom to try all BodyBrite services and look amazing at a fantastic price. We call our new membership Smooth & Glow because you can get our signature IPL laser hair removal for the easiest hair-free SMOOTH skin, or get any of our facial treatments personalized for your concerns – so you will GLOW. Or get both – it’s your choice each month. Smooth & Glow Membership is just $69.95 a month and gives you our best benefits yet! It’s like a fitness membership for your skin (without the burpees).

What teeth whitening results can I expect?

In less than an hour, you can have results up to 6 shades lighter depending on your natural tooth color.

And results can last from 6 months to 1 year depending on your own enamel and your personal habits.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

IPL hair removal delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to a specific area. These intense light bursts are converted to heat in a very localized and directed area, and this intense heat destroys the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth.

Does IPL Hair Removal work on all hair and skin types?

IPL Hair removal works on contrast, so the difference in color between the hair and skin must be great enough for the IPL system to work. Fortunately, IPL works on a much wider variety of skin tones and hair types than traditional laser hair removal. For skin types 5 or 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale, IPL Hair removal may not be the best option.

Is IPL Permanent?

IPL hair removal is completely permanent. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair will not grow back. For temporary hair removal solutions, waxing can be used.

What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

During IPL skin rejuvenation, small pulses of light are applied to the skin—it’s then transformed into heat. This heat stimulates the creation of new elastin and collagen coils, restoring the elastic networks under the skin. The effect is increased elasticity and luminosity, as well as a light filling out of the skin. The end result is a younger, more brilliant skin that is noticeable from the first treatment!

Is an oxygen facial right for me?

Oxygen facials are a great option for just about anyone. Combining oxygen facials with microdermabrasion is highly recommended, as the dead and damaged skin removal process prior to an oxygen facial will increase its effectiveness. Our skin care experts will perform a complimentary skin assessment on your first visit to determine what the best skin care routine is for you, and if an oxygen facial is the best choice for your skin.

What is a microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions. The procedure uses a special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment which creates tiny punctures in the skin using micro-fine needles. This triggers the body’s wound healing process, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Additionally, once punctures are made, products applied topically (such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) are able to penetrate deeper into the skin in order to work more effectively.

How is the Smooth & Glow Membership different than packages?

Packages aren’t going away. Packages are a prepaid option for a single service or body zone. Membership allows you to budget monthly instead of a paying a larger lump sum. Membership gives you the freedom to enjoy any combination any hair removal zones or facials. Great for someone who is doing multiple zones or wants to save more.